Lose $10 Billion and Then Come Talk to Me

It seems that regular people are not the only ones that are losing in this economy. Wall Street Journal reports that Warren Buffett has lost over $9.6B since January. If the “”Oracle of Omaha” can lose 20% of his net worth in ten months, then how can us normal folk make an money in this market? The answer is simple; We can’t! Stop listening to people that tell you how to “Buy in a Down Market” and “Short Your Way to Success.” This is a sucker’s game played by fools or people with more money than problems. Didn’t Warren Buffet call the stock market “safe to invest” just last week?


Other billionaires who lost money include: Oracle Corp.’s Larry Ellison, who lost $6.6 billion in value; Microsoft Corp.’s Steve Ballmer, down $4.8 billion; Amazon.com Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, $4.2 billion; and News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch, $3.9 billion. Sure they can stand the hit because they still have billions left, but I would guess that it still hurts.


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