The Economic Ramifications of a Single Vote

If you are an American Taxpayer, then according to the laws of capitalism, you have a vested interest in placing your vote today for President of the U.S. You might be in love with Senator Barack Obama or hate the way John McCain keeps calling himself “Maverick,” but this is the one chance you have to change the course of this nation.


Does your vote count? OF COURSE! Consider that your vote when added to other votes in your state, decide who wins the Electoral College votes your state has. The states with the most electoral votes often get the most attention because the votes cast in those states carry more weight for the candidates. The winning candidate only needs 270 Electoral College votes to win the election. You vote added with all other votes cast nationwide, decide who wins the Popular Vote. The problem is that a candidate can win the Popular Vote and still lose the election like Al Gore did in 2000. There have been several attempts to rectify this situation and abolish the Electoral College system of voting but all have failed.


This still should not deter you from voting today because many local officials are also decided and they have a more direct impact on your daily life. Suppose a Hurricane destroys your city and the Senator/Congressmen from your state are not in a hurry to help the disenfranchised. Well if you did not vote for their opponent during the last election, then you have no right to complain. The Constitution set up this system so that every registered, American taxpayer over 18 will have a voice in how this government is run. If you choose not to use your ‘voice’ by abstaining to vote then why would anyone want to listen to your complaints any other time?


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